More Retirement Options For Your Loyal Employees!

We understand that saving for your retirement is often challenging and often requires sacrifices. 

After you have put your energy in tough years of saving and doing the right thing you deserve a simplified and most of all guaranteed way to have income after you retire.

Mecha Financial Group, through its member companies, offers an excellent solution for retirement saving and income for employees of non-profit organizations. 

Our Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider for 403(b) and 457(b) flexible annuities can provide you with a Guaranteed Withdrawal Payment from the annuity that will last a lifetime.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider Options

Here are the two GLIR options you can choose from:

  • Income based on a Benefit Calculation Base, a number used for income calculation only, that builds with a bonus plus a fixed Roll up rate providing a predictable income
  • Income based on the Accumulation Value of the policy plus an activation bonus providing the potential for higher income instead of the security of a known roll-up rate