What Does Insurance Mean Exactly?

Simply put, insurance is a safety net. Insurance acts as that other person who catches you before you fall. More specifically, the insurance company (the provider or insurer) will “insure” and aid you (the insured) in covering the costs of any misfortune that may happen with a legal contract (a policy).


Insurance can protect you from many unfortunate events: car accidents (Auto Insurance), home wreckage (Home Insurance), medical emergencies (Health Insurance), disability (Disability Insurance), dental procedures (Dental Insurance) and a death in the family (Life Insurance) just to name a few.


Once you file a claim in case any of these misfortunes happens, the insurance company’s services are activated and your costs will either be covered or lightened


When Should I Look Into Getting An Insurance Policy?

Are you a new home owner? Did you just purchase your first car?* Do you or any of your loved ones have a medical condition that runs in the family? Want to retire early?


Then the answer is as soon as possible! You never know when a misfortune accident or unforeseen expense may arise.


*Auto Insurance is mandatory for all car owners


What Are The Clear Benefits Of Having an Insurance Policy?

  • Financial Aid Whenever You Have an Emergency 
    • Health Emergency
    • Home Emergency 
    • Auto Emergency 
  • Help to Get You Back on Your Feet Faster 
    • Don’t Have to Do It Alone


What Types of Insurance Are There?

  • Life Insurance 
    • Emergency fund in the case the family of the insured passes on 
  • Health Insurance 
    • Coverage and reduction of medical bills and costs 
  • Disability Insurance 
    • Provision of supplemental income in case of a work threatening injury
  • Dental Insurance
    • Coverage and reduction of dental expenses 
  • Retirement Insurance 
    • Safe of funds stocked away to ensure a comfortable retirement
  • Home Insurance 
    • Coverage damages that may happen to your home
  • Auto Insurance
    • Coverage of bodily and physical damages to vehicle and person


Still have questions on what route to take? Consider calling one of our Mecha Financial Group insurance agents here  we’ll be here for you throughout your insurance journey!